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I’m so excited to share these digital files with you! You will receive PDF files for 50 different coloring pages! 

You can print out as many copies of these files as you like (for personal use), the possibilities are endless!!!!! If you are a quilter, you could even use the squares to design your own quilts layouts!

Each page contains twelve identical two inch by two inch teabag folding tiles, as most teabag folding medallions use up to twelve tiles to complete. They are provided to you in A4 and 8.5 x 11 formats so that you will be able to print them out almost regardless of what country you live in (and what format printer you have). Also included is an index file, so that you can easily reference the designs available in this product.

Here is a list of the classic quilt block designs that are included in your purchase of QUILT BLOCK COLLECTION 1:

  1. Alpine Cross
  2. Anvil
  3. Arkansas Cross
  4. Aunt Dinah
  5. Balkan Puzzle
  6. Bear’s Paw
  7. Blockade
  8. Bowties 2
  9. Buckeye Beauty
  10. Card Tricks
  11. Chevron
  12. Churn Dash
  13. Colorado Quilt
  14. Contrary Wife
  15. Crazy House
  16. Darting Birds
  17. Dolly Madison Star
  18. Dove in the Window
  19. Dutchman’s Puzzle
  20. Electric Fan
  21. Floating 8 Pointed Star
  22. Flutter Wheel
  23. Four Patch Chain
  24. Friendship Star
  25. Garden of Eden
  26. Grandma’s Star
  27. Handy Andy
  28. Hope of Hartford
  29. Hovering Hawks
  30. Indiana Puzzle
  31. Jacob’s Ladder
  32. Log Cabin
  33. Monkey Wrench
  34. Mosaic 2
  35. New Album
  36. Nine Patch
  37. No Name Star
  38. Ohio Star
  39. Old Maid’s Puzzle
  40. Perpetual Motion
  41. Pinwheel Star
  42. Red Cross
  43. Road to California
  44. Rolling Square
  45. Sailing Ships
  46. Sawtooth Star
  47. Scrappy Hearts
  48. Shoofly Block
  49. Slanted Diamonds
  50. Whirligig