Temporary Blog!

Published by Jennifer on 29th May 2020

My blog at origamitwistblogs.com disappeared last week. Again. Thankfully, my shopping cart software has a "create a blog" option, so I've decided to create a temporary one here while I sort everything out. 

First topic? Full Size Origami Paper is coming soon to origamitwist.com

Over the last several months, in an effort to learn how to be vulnerable I have been playing with watercolour. It is super challenging, but also Really fun. I've been documenting a bit of the process on Instagram (@origamitwist) and behind the scenes I've been painting some designs that I want to turn into full size origami paper. I haven't succeeded at the challenge yet because it turns out it is exceedingly difficult to get a good digital version of a watercolour painting. The texture of the paper gets picked up by the camera, and I'm hoping to avoid that as I don't want to waste your printer ink on paper texture when you go to print out your origami paper!

I'll keep you updated as I get closer to launching. In the meantime, teabag tiles are still available for sale, so there are lots of potential projects out there waiting to be created!

With all this COVID-19 stuff going on out there, now is the time to get busy being creative. It's such a beneficial thing to do for our mental health, to create beautiful things to share for others, to distract when things are tough, and of course to simply relax. 

Shoot me an email at jennifer@origamitwist.com if you have any particular topics/tutorial ideas that you'd like to see me create for Origami Twist's YouTube channel or if you just want to say hi! Instagram is also a great place to contact me as well, either via pm or in a comment. If you've created a project using Origami Twist digital paper, or you've completed an Origami Twist tutorial please tag me @origamitwist and use the hashtag #origamitwist so that I can check it out!

x Jenn

PS - We planted a victory garden too! More later (plus pics!)